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May 26, 2017    Headlines

Salmon Munching
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The Golden Gate remains to be the hotspot for salmon anglers off the entire Bay Area coast. On Friday 5-26 we had flat calms seas and good action 18 to 20 miles west of the Golden gate. Jared on the Salty Lady reports that overall scores ran from a fish per rod to over a fish and a half. The fish are fat averaging 10 to 15 pounds and going to 20 * and are stuffed with krill. The bulk of the action over the past few days has been centered between W buoy and the Main Farallon Islands. There was is brown and full of feed and with the calm forecast the bite looks to continue. The Salty Lady has lots of room this coming week.
Party boats are also scoring easy limits of quality rockfish and 1 fish per stick to limits of lings out at the Islands. The rockfish bite along the beach had been slow but will pick up in the coming weeks.

After five days of limits and near limits the salmon fleet saw a slow down in scores but still good fishing on Thursday 5-25. Captain Jared on the Salty Lady reports they found the fish in the same spot as yesterday where they ended just two shy of limits. Fishing 3 to 5 miles west of W buoy Jared reported 8 salmon for 14 anglers with fish to 22 pounds. They had some south wind and water color charged from dark brown to an off green which drove the bait deeper. Overall scores ran from a half fish to over a fish per rod for the party boat fleet. They have lots of room Friday and again on Memorial day. This school of fish is slowly working north and we could see the bite break open off the Islands, N buoy or Pt Reyes in the coming days.
On Wednesday 5-24 Jared reported 18 salmon to 20 pounds for a light load of ten anglers. They lost a bunch with several flurries of 2 to 5 fish on at a time with lulls between.

The weather is flat and foggy and the salmon are chomping just 18 miles SW of the Golden Gate. Jared on the Salty Lady reported good action on Tuesday 5-23 trolling 5 miles west of S Buoy. They were fishing on krill and the fish were coming in flurries with several multiple hookups throughout the day. He regular charter group of 8 anglers landed 12 salmon to 18 pounds and lost nearly as many others. The fish were red hot and jumping and tough to hang onto. Jared says the entire area is loaded with feed and conditions are "spring perfect". They have room Wednesday through Friday but are full for the weekend with room next week.

The salmon bite broke WIDE OPEN on Sunday 5-21. Roger Thomas on the Salty Lady from Sausalito reported  handful of party boats ran south and found early limits to near limits of salmon. Roger reports that John on the New Ray Anne had 19 limits by mid morning or roughly two to three hours effort. They were trolling outside of S buoy just 15 miles SW of Seal Rocks. Party and private boats from Half Moon bay also got in on the action. There is a second group of scattered salmon being caught in the Middle Grounds but the HOT bite is the one outside of S buoy.  The weather was fine with 5 to 12 knots of wind over a 5 to 6 foot swell. Roger on the Salty Lady is running with light loads Tuesday through Friday of the coming week.  The winds have been blowing hard the past four days and continue here on Sunday 4-30. Most party boats have cancels their salmon trips due to the weather past few days. The salmon season is closed through May 14th and reopens on May 15th with a 20" minimum size limit. In the time being when Ma Nature cooperates the rockfish and lings are stacked on around the Farallon Islands and limits of rockfish have been the rule with many boats reporting limits and near limits of lings. When the winds howl along the coast an excellent "plan B" is south bay halibut and stripers where the action has been off the hook for the past couple of weeks.

Regulations for the MLPAs are now in effect from Pt Arena to Pigeon Point. Anglers need to know which areas are affected and the regulations and the boundaries of the different zones. Please use this link and be sure to print a map for these areas to carry with you.

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