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September 02, 2014    Headlines

Salmon Bite Out Front & Marin Coast
Local Rockfish and Lings Best Bet

Half Moon Bay:
Tom on the six-pack FishOn Sportfishing reported great action on Tuesday 8-2. Fishing straight out in front of the harbor with just a handful of other boats Tom reported his three anglers boated 3 limits of salmon from 8 to 12 pounds, 3 limits of rockfish and three lings to 10. Tom worked from #1 North to the Red Can and they just a tad south for the rockfish and lings. There have been a few white sea bass taken at Egg Rock but the word is that bite was slow today but there were just a couple of boats working it. The weather was great with fog pushing in well inland by noon with light winds and a dropping swell. Tom is be running combo salmon and rockfish trips this week but he is keeping a close eye on the offshore water breaks for tuna. He has a long list of standby anglers waiting in the wings for when the water breaks and tuna pop back up offshore. Until then he is content to put clients onto good salmon. rockfish and ling action close to home.

Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete had originally planned for a salmon trip on Wednesday 8-27, but he will be switching to a combination trip with the light load of anglers. After loading up with rockfish, he will stow the gear to target salmon near the Channel Buoys. He said, “The salmon are still around, and one private boater put in two limits in the afternoon.” Salmon fishing has been solid off the Marin Coast and the main shipping channel with boats running out the Gate seeing a solid fish per rod to limits.
Commercial fishermen continue to pound the white sea bass in the early mornings in undisclosed locations (the top end of Martin’s Beach or Egg Rock) either north or south of the harbor. Fresh dead squid or live squid is the ticket for the ghosts.

The tuna are beginning to show waaaaaaayyyyyyy offshore and Tom Joseph on the FishOn should be given extra credit for finding the first "confirmed" fish of the season. There have been many rumors over the past week or so of fish caught and "my buddy said" but we haven't been able to confirm a single one until today, Monday 8-12. Tom ran with two other boats out of Half Moon Bay. The others stopped on a break outside the Guide but Tom kept going and going like the Energizer Bunny. Tom said that the water temps at the Gum Drop were good but the water color was green and dirty and temps at 63 were too warm. He went through a "river" of cold water where temps dropped briefly to 54 degrees and then they hit another break where it jumped to 58 degrees and then a mile later to 60 degrees. It was there (37.35 and 124.25 or 105 miles from Half Moon Bay) they found the fish. They landed  six with a 35 pound average including two that went 42 and 44 pounds. Huge, make that incredibly big albacore for this early in the season. Tom said the two other boats worked outside the Gumdrop with one boat hooked 16 and landed 6 and the other landed 12. Tom burned 104 gallons of fuel and returned with just 12 gallons to spare. There has been some great reports of bluefin off southern Cal and albacore off Central Oregon and hopefully both meet in the middle off out coastal waters in the coming weeks. Tom will be running daily weather permitting through October. He is currently based out of Half Moon Bay but could return to Santa Cruz depending on where the best action is found. 408 348-4866


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