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July 14, 2018    Headlines


While the hot salmon bite at Mussel Rock / Pacifica slowed on Thursday and Friday the fish came up right in front of Pillar Point  harbor on Saturday 7-14. Dennis Baxter reports that party boats found good action from the harbor buoys to Martins beach with scores of a fish per rod to limits. There is lots of bait out in front of the harbor and a recent squid spawn off Martin's beach that is bringing in fresh fish. This evening Dennis was on an ash scattering and watched one private boat throw in four fish in less than ten minutes and many other nest were flying. The weather is good with fog and light winds.

Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete said, “The bite dryed up at Mussel Rock on Thursday 7-12, but we squeezed out 17 salmon. I know where I will go on Friday since Captain Tom Mattusch found the salmon at the Deep Reef late in the afternoon on Thursday. There was squid off of Martin’s Beach in 90 feet, and the water is darkening up with anchovies seven miles off of the harbor.”
Mattusch landed three fish at Mussel Rock before running up to Pedro Point for three more prior to having a hunch and running south to the Deep Reef. They were still in the area with 14 salmon in the box, and he said, “There are lot of big mackerel in the area with a number of whales. There are also a number of big silver salmon down here so you have to know the difference.” Mattusch is filled for the weekend, but there is room starting on Monday.


This writer is sneaking off to our vacation home on the Kenai peninsula. We will be chasing kings and sockeye on the local rivers and hopefully join good friend Captain Steve Smith for at least a day or two of halibut and ling cod. We will be leaving the laptop at home and will return with full reports here on July 29th
In the time being please contact our sponsors or visit their websites for current reports, information and bookings.
Until then... good fishing!
Mike Aughney

The stellar salmon action continues and is showing no end in sight. On Friday 7-6 captain Dennis on the New Captain Pete ran north to Pacifica / Mussel rock. Their 23 anglers took early limits of salmon to 15 pounds. Dennis said the bite was wide open and they released dozens of shakers. This is a great sign of more good fishing to come this fall and next season. The weather was good with light NW winds in the morning increasing to 15 knots by the afternoon. Private boaters are still picking up limits off the Outer Harbor and south of Pillar Point. The New Captain Pete has room this coming week.


The lights out salmon action continues. On Sunday July 1st Dennis on the New Captain Pete once again reported early limits of salmon. Dennis says they are seeing a solid grade of fish with over half running 12 to 20 pounds. He was trolling off Linda Mar in 65 feet of water and said party boats from both HMB and the olden Gate were spread over a side area and all hooking limits. Dennis reports that the local bite just outside the harbor at the entrance buoy remains good with private boaters seeing mostly limits. Fog is starting to push in here on Sunday evening and the weather should be good tomorrow. Dennis has room this week but with the fast action the books are quickly filling.

The salmon actions remains great with boats finding fast limits just a few miles from the harbor. Captain Dennis Baxter on the New Captain Pete has been working the Montara  to Pedro Point area the past two days. He said the jelly has gotten so thick where they were finding the fish offshore forced the move. On Wednesday 6-27 he fished off Pedro Point and was headed home with 22 limits to 18 pounds by 10:30. The fish are a mixed grade running from 20" to 18 pounds. Dennis says for you private boaters there has been a good bite just outside the harbor from #3 to #1 south. Several boats had quick 2 to 4 fish limits with others landing a fish per rod. These are likely fish that Coastside club acclimated in their nets pens. These net pen fish have the highest survival rates and this program has been a great success. Dennis has some limited room this week and lots of room next. 


The salmon bite remains to be excellent with fish being found over a very wide area. On Monday 6-25 Dennis on the New Captain Pete headed west 14 miles. They had 23 limits of fish that ran from 22" to over 20 pounds. While there is a higher concentration of offshore Dennis says that if you don't need 40 or 50 that there is a second good bite 8 miles south of the harbor where boats are finding limits. This is on top of the good bite commercial boats are seeing south of Pigeon Pt and yet another big school of fish off the Marin coast. All the signs are pointing to a great season this year and next. Dennis has some limited room this week and lots of room next. Please support those that make this site possible.

The salmon bite remains wide open and it looks like we are going to see a very solid season. There is a "line" of fish that extends from the Deep Ref to at least W buoy with all boats reporting limits and near limits of salmon. On Tuesday 6-19 Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported 25 limits to 18 pounds. They were trolling at .25 and .40 or 11 SW of the harbor at the Deep Reef. Dennis has room available this week but spots are selling out fast due to the surprisingly good action.
Private boats are also reporting quick limits and quality fish averaging 8 to 14 pounds and going into the 20 pound class. You can expect longer lines at the launch ramp in the weeks to come.

The salmon come up munching on Father's Day, the first day of the 2018. Season. The combined Golden Gate and Half Moon Bay party boat fleet are working a wide area from W buoy to the Deep Reef. As of 11:AM most of the Golden Gate boats are headed home with early limits for up to 25 passengers. The majority were trolling south of W buoy is 35 to 40 fathoms. On the southern end the Half Moon bay boats working in 40 to 50 fathoms north of the Deep Reef have limits or are very close to limiting. At 10:30 Dennis on the New Captain Pete said he needed another 8 or 10 fish for his 20 or so clients while other boats were either headed in or in need of just a few more as well. Dennis reports the fish are stuffed with anchovies and some krill with a solid 8 to 12 pound average with fish to the high teens. The weather is great and looks to be good again on Monday. This is a fantastic sign to see early limits on the first day of the season. More updates will follow later today. Our sponsors the Salty Lady in Sausalito, the Emeryville Sport Center and the New Captain Pete in Half Moon bay all have room this week.


The first 20-pound salmon of the Half Moon Bay season came on Saturday 6-2 on the New Captain Pete with Bob Devine of Hayward landing the only salmon off of the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. This was a big fish, but it was the only one landed for the day with one other hook up along with a scratched bait. Captain Dennis Baxter said, “We ran south to Davenport looking for the right conditions, but we only found green water without much life.” There is brown water, whales and krill at the Deep Reef and it's here where boats will likely start their salmon season.
The Huli Cat went rockfishign on both Saturday and Sunday, and on their charter with Wizard Plumbing Company on Sunday, they found good action for rockfish and lings to 6 pounds before the wind picked up in the afternoon. Saturday’s trip produced limits of rockfish for 9 anglers along with near limits of lings at 16 grumpy ones south at San Gregorio.


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