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April 08, 2018    Headlines

Salmon Season Opens

The salmon season opened south of Pigeon Point on Saturday 4-7. Due to the late and wet storm event on Friday there were just three party boats out of Half Moon Bay. Captain Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported overall slow action for the three boats. Dennis said they found great conditions 2 to 3 miles west of Ano Nuevo with blankets of krill and light winds over a 6 to 7 foot swell. Despite krill thick enough to gather on the lines. Dennis reported two fish to around 12 pounds. Both were caught by Dave Furgeson forever now knows as "Lucky Dave". The other two party boats reported a goose egg. The weather was good on Saturday but few private boats even tried to make the 20 plus mile run south from Pillar Point. The forecast calls for good weather on Monday and Tuesday. The New Captain Pete has lots of room available.

In Monterey Bay the opening day action was slow and picked on on Sunday. Long time six pack captain Tom Joseph was on the sidelines (but keeping score) recovering from a knee replacement. Tom said that on opening day the top sixpack score was three fish and many were skunked with the best action coming off Marina beach to the Soldiers Club in 200 feet. On Sunday 4-8 there was a morning snap again off Marina beach with the 10 to 15 private and sicpack boats seeing 0 to 3 fish each. For the boats that stuck it out the bite turned on around 2:PM and several boats had up to four limits. There is lots of feed and great sign in the central bay and the bite could turn on at any time.

With the local rockfish season opening on April 15th, and the opener of ocean salmon season in local waters in limbo until the completion of the meeting of the Pacific Fisheries Management Council on April 11th, party and private boats will have to make the long 18-mile run south below Pigeon Point for both rockfish and salmon. The salmon season below Pigeon Point opens on Saturday, April 7th, and there has been some optimism out of Monterey Bay with the massive amounts of anchovies and krill in the bay.

Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat just returned from Washington D.C. from the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Summitt from around the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the South Pacific held by the NOAA. Mattusch will be running south of Pigeon Point for rockfish and also for salmon within the coming weeks, and he highly advises private fishermen to be conscious of rockfish regulations including the accurate reporting of any incidental catches of prohibited goldeneye rockfish.

Last year, there were a number of citations for both incidental catches of rockfish and coho salmon brought in by private boaters at Half Moon Bay, and violations such as these have a detrimental effect on recreational fishing regulations.

Mattusch is looking forward to making the run south of Pigeon Point as the depth restriction this year is the same at the beginning of last season at 40 fathoms or 240 feet in depth. Anglers can keep 10 rockfish including one canary, three black rockfish, and three cabezon in excess of 15 inches.

Out of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing, the Queen of Hearts and Riptide will also make the run south of Pigeon Point for rockfish and/or salmon. Sherry Ingles of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing reported a combined 50 limits and three ling cod on opening day, April 1st. She said, “We had a fantastic start to our rockfishing season with many quality rockfish. The ling count was low as the rockfish were biting before the baits could get to the bottom. Another good sign was the salmon-looking brown water south of Pigeon Point so there is optimism for the upcoming season.”

From the beaches, Ed Liu of Bay Tackle in El Cerrito continues to find great action for a wide variety of surf perch to 17 inches with Berkley Camo Worms, Gulp! Grubs, and also with live bait such as pile worms or sand crabs.

Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat just returned from Washington D.C. from the National Saltwater Recreational Fisheries Summitt from around the continental United States, Puerto Rico, Alaska, and the South Pacific held by the NOAA. Mattusch will be running south of Pigeon Point for rockfish and also for salmon within the coming weeks, and he highly advises private fishermen to be conscious of rockfish regulations including the accurate reporting of any incidental catches of prohibited goldeneye rockfish.


The news in this section of the coastline was a major disappointment due to postponement of the recreational ocean salmon season that was to start in local waters on April 7th. The determination as to which of the three salmon options presented to the Pacific Fisheries Management Council will be completed during their meetings in early April, but boats from Half Moon Bay will have the option to seek salmon south of Pigeon Point, 18 miles below the harbor as the salmon season will open below this landmark on April 7th. Also opening below Pigeon Point is the rockfish season on April 1st with the local season set to open on April 15th.
From the beaches, surf perch and school-sized striped bass are the top species with sand crabs and Berkley Gulp! Grubs.

Captain Dennis Baxter on the New Captain Pete and Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat are willing to make the long run south below Pigeon Point before the local season opens on April 15th along with ventures south for salmon.  In the interim period of time, whale watching has been spectacular with the gray whale returning on their northward journey towards Alaska. When they are heading north with their calves, they swim much closer to the shore, and Mattusch and his crew observed the whales mating two miles off of the harbor on Saturday 3-17.


Salmon Options for 2018.
My apologies for the delay on getting the salmon options for the coming season posted. This writer had rotator cuff surgery and any time at the keyboard is extremely limited.
As I said last week it looked like we would see a shortened season off the Bay Area coast and after a closure last year a summer opener on the North Coast.
The PFMC will be running these options through the models and we should know by early next month what the final season will be.
These look like three more likely options at this point but NO final decisions have been made yet :

Alternative one – achieve 151,000 Sacramento adult escapees

CA Klamath – open 6/1 and close 9/3, with a 20 inch size limit

Fort Bragg – open 6/11 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

San Francisco – open 6/11 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

Monterey – open 4/7 and close 6/22, with a 24 inch size limit


Alternative two – achieve 165,000 Sacramento adult escapees

CA Klamath – open 6/1 and close 9/3, with a 20 inch size limit

Fort Bragg – open 7/1 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

San Francisco – open 7/7 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

Monterey – open 4/7 and close 6/15, with a 24 inch size limit


Alternative Three – achieve 180,000 Sacramento adult escapees

CA Klamath – open 6/16 and close 9/3, with a 20 inch size limit

Fort Bragg – open 7/21 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

San Francisco – open 7/21 and close 10/31, with a 20 inch size limit

The first attempt at holding the Maverick’s Big Surf Contest off of Pillar Point was postponed due to the anticipated southerly winds arriving in the area on Monday and Tuesday, January 15 and 16. The contest has been a boon for local party boats who take out spectators to observe the surfers at close range. The contest may be held anytime through the end of February if the conditions are right.
Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat said, “The weather has been calm when it was predicted to be rough, and it has been rough when it has been predicted to be calm so we cancelled our crab/sand dab combination trips on Friday and Saturday. It hasn’t been calm enough to try for petrale sole, but we are hoping the conditions develop in the coming weeks. There is no depth restriction for the sole. The commercial crabbers have been moving on to more productive areas or stacking out for the year, and the crab counts have been improving. We ended up with 7 Dungeness and a few rock crab on our most recent trip.”  All party boats in the area will be running whale watching and nature trips during the winter months, and the Salty Lady, captained by Jerad Davis, will make their annual pilgrimage to Pillar Point for the whale watching season.
Further north at the Pacifica Pier, crabbing continues to be fair with snares from the pier, and more striped bass have been moving up and down the coastline.


Salmon, Delta and River Advocates Will Rally at Capitol to Oppose

Maximizing Delta Exports; USBR Comment Meeting to Follow

WHO: Golden Gate Salmon Association, Klamath River Tribal Members, Winnemem Wintu Tribe, Commercial & Recreational Fishing Groups, Restore the Delta

WHAT: A rally to protest the Trump Administration’s plan to maximize Delta exports followed by a U.S. Bureau of Reclamation public meeting to receive oral/written comments

WHERE: Rally: Sidewalk outside 650 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, CA 95814
Comment meeting: The Stanford Room, 650 Capitol Mall, Sacramento, 
CA 95814

WHEN: Tuesday, Jan. 23, 2018; Rally starts at 1pm, Comment meeting is from 2-4 p.m


A new proposal by the Trump Administration to maximize water deliveries to the Central Valley Project comes at a time when salmon returns and Delta Smelt numbers have reached record lows. This proposal could impact flows on the Sacramento, Feather, American-San Joaquin, Trinity, and Klamath Rivers.

Golden Gate Salmon Association president John McManus noted, “We were promised action to strengthen protections for salmon after it became clear how weak and inadequate protections were during the drought when we lost over 95 percent of our salmon in the Upper Sacramento River.  Instead, the federal government is now doing a 180 and looking for ways to seize more delta water at a time when salmon and other species are at or near record lows and reservoirs still have plenty of water from last year.  It's clear the state of California needs to step in here and stop the federal government from killing off our native salmon runs and all of us Californian's who rely on them to make a living.”


Department of Water Resources asks State Water Board to deny motions by Delta Tunnels opponents

By Dan Bacher

On January 19, the California Department of Water Resources responded to the motions by Delta Tunnels opponents that charge DWR and State Water Resources Control Board staff with "unlawful exparte communications” and call for a 90-day stay in the California WaterFix hearing.
DWR requests the State Board Hearing Officers to deny the pending motions to stay or continue the Part 2 hearings that were scheduled to begin on January 18.
The Department of Water Resources submitted its “Consolidated Opposition to Save the California Delta Alliance et al. and County of Sacramento et al” to State Water Board Hearing Officers Doduc and Marcus 
DWR claims that these communications were not illegal and the hearing should go forward as planned. The water board Thursday delayed the hearing until February 2
“None of the alleged communications by Petitioners cited by protestants constitute a substantive issue or controversial matter of practice and procedure within the scope of the proceeding, in violation of Government Code Sections 11430.10 et seq,” wrote James “Tripp” Mizell, the Office of Chief Counsel for DWR, argued today.
“Instead, the alleged communications by Petitioners fall into one or more of the following categories: (1) communications between DWR staff and State Water Resources Control Board (“WaterBoard”) staff prior to the issuance of the October 30, 2015 Notice of Public Hearing andPrehearing Conference; (2) communications with Water Board staff on non-substantive or non-controversial procedural issues within the scope of the proceeding; and (3) communications with Water Board staff on issues related to the California WaterFixEnvironmental Impact Report through its role as a CEQA Responsible Agency,” wrote Mizell.
After reading DWR’s response to the motions, Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla, Executive Director of Restore the Delta, said, “their response is a non denial, denial. They said the motions should be dismissed because they didn’t do anything wrong, but yet they don’t present any evidence to support their claim.” 
The Delta Tunnels project, also called the California Water Fix, is Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to build two massive tunnels under the Delta to divert Sacramento River water to agribusiness interests on the west side of the San Joaquin Valley and Southern California Water agencies.
If built, the project would likely hasten the extinction of Sacramento River winter and spring-run Chinook salmon, Central Valley steelhead, Delta and longfin smelt, green sturgeon and other species. The WaterFix would also imperil the salmon steelhead populations on the Trinity and Klamath rivers, where the Yurok, Karuk and Hoopa Valley Tribes have fished for thousands of years.
Read DWR’s response here on Maven’s Notebook website: 
DWR Consolidated Opposition to Motions re Ex Parte
For more information, go to: 

The Dungeness crab counts have slowed to a crawl after the commercial boats swooped in and departed quickly, but rockfish and ling cod action remains solid. Captain Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat is the only large party boat running the crab/rockfish combination trips, and he said, “We had to pull 29 pots this week on Thursday in order to put in 4 crab a round for 18 anglers, but we loaded up with limits of rockfish and 10 ling cod. Dan Drexler of San Jose limited out on quality lings with Mattusch while fishing in 120 feet of water near San Gregorio, and Dave Holsenback of San Francisco picked up an 8-pound cabezon with Scott Kramer from Pacifica also limiting on lings to 16 pounds so there are some quality fish to be had.” Mattusch will be running crab-only or crab/rockfish combination trips until the rockfish closure on December 31st and run sand dab/crab combinations after January 1st.
Further north in Pacifica, Rob Chaney of the Rusty Hook in Pacifica reported Sunday 12-10 good crab action from the pier for those throwing snares loaded with anchovies or squid. He said, “The pier has been crowded on weekdays now as the crab counts are pretty decent. There have also been a number of perch taken off of the pier on blood worms or pile worms. I went down to the beach last evening for a topwater session for striped bass, and I was able to release two small fish while missing out on a few quality hits. These were the only stripers that I saw landed off of the beach last evening. We are still selling plenty of snares, and I sold another 15 custom ones within a few hours on Sunday morning.”


Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat took a research trip on Tuesday to tag 100 rockfish for a study on aging. He said, “The action was very good for the rockfish, and we had a combination trip on Thursday 12-7 for 18 limits of rockfish, around 10 ling cod, and 4 Dungeness and a rock crab per angler. The rockfish bite much better today, but we had to pull 29 pots for the 4/crab angler.” He has full loads over the weekend, but there is plenty of room during next week starting on Monday.

Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat said, “We cancelled on Sunday 12-3 due to the weather predictions, and the wind did come up in the afternoon, but we could have made the most of it in the morning. Saturday’s trip was hampered by the big swell, and the school fish of blues and yellows disappeared where we have been finding them. We ended up with a few chinas, but it was a slow day, and the swell also put the lings off of the bite. We put in a combined 18 limits of Dungeness crab on our trips on Thursday and Friday, but we had to run a number of pots and take a lot of time to get the 10-crab limits. We have a research trip to the Farallons on Tuesday to check on the ages of rockfish with full trips or charters on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday. The only day with room for combination trips this coming week is on Friday.”

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) announces new restrictions on recreational fishing for groundfish in waters north of Point Conception to the Oregon/California border. Changes to authorized fishing depths described below take effect Monday, Oct. 16 at 12:01 a.m., and will remain in place through the remainder of 2017.

The recreational groundfish fishery depth restrictions will be as follows:

  Northern Management Area (Oregon/California border to Cape Mendocino): Take is prohibited seaward of 20 fathoms (120 feet) in depth. The 'all-depth' groundfish fishery slated for November and December 2017 in this area is canceled.

  Mendocino Management Area (Cape Mendocino to Point Arena): Take is prohibited seaward of 20 fathoms (120 feet) in depth. The 'all-depth' groundfish fishery slated for November and December 2017 in this area is canceled.

  San Francisco Management Area (Point Arena to Pigeon Point): Take is prohibited seaward of the 30 fathom depth contour (180 feet).

  Central Management Area (Pigeon Point to Point Conception): Take is prohibited seaward of the 40 fathom depth contour (240 feet).

  Southern Management Area (Point Conception to the US/Mexico border): Take is prohibited seaward of the 60 fathom depth contour (360 feet). No changes are slated for this area.

The 20 fathom depth restriction is described by the general depth contour (California Code of Regulations (CCR) Title 14, Section 27.20(a)). The 30, 40 and 60 fathom depth contours are defined by straight lines connecting the waypoints as adopted in federal regulations (Code of Federal Regulations Title 50, part 660, subpart G).

Based on recent bycatch estimates for yelloweye rockfish (Sebastes ruberrimus) from the California sport fishery, CDFW projects that the harvest guideline specified in federal regulation for 2017 (3.9 metric tons) will be exceeded unless changes are made. Pursuant to CCR Title 14, Section

27.20(e), CDFW has the authority to make modifications to the fishery to avoid exceeding the limit, and must issue notice of any changes at least 10 days in advance of the effective date.

Yelloweye rockfish is a long-lived, slow-growing shelf rockfish species that was declared overfished in 2002 and cannot be retained in the recreational fishery. It is currently managed under a strict federal rebuilding plan that has required significant cutbacks to West Coast sport and commercial fisheries for more than a decade, to allow the population to recover.

Although fishing for rockfish and other groundfish will remain open through the end of the year, CDFW urges anglers to avoid fishing in areas where yelloweye rockfish are known to occur (for example rocky outcrops and pinnacles). If taken, yelloweye rockfish should be immediately returned to the water with a descending device to minimize injury and mortality. CDFW also encourages anglers who encounter them to change fishing locations to prevent catching additional yelloweye rockfish.

Salmon continue to make a spirited showing for commercial fishermen, skiffs, and even kayaks outside and inside of the harbor while rockfishing remains the staple species. With crab season on the near horizon, private and party boats are starting to gear up for the November 4th opener, Sherry Ingles of Half Moon Bay Sport Fishing confirmed the good bite for private boaters on Sunday 9-30, saying, “There is not enough going on for party boats, but private and commercial boats are scratching out quality fish. There were six kayaks out on one morning this week, and all kayaks limited out by 7:00 a.m. working just inside of the harbor. The salmon are fin-clipped so they are returning from the Coastside Fishing Club pen project. Salmon are also found inside the harbor for those throwing Corkies or spinners with barbless hooks, but fishermen who have snagged salmon have received citations as the Department of Fish and Wildlife is closely monitoring the area. Most shore fishermen are working from the restrooms to the private boat launch, but the salmon also enter a drainage ditch near the Fish Trap restaurant. We were able to make it out for rockfish on Saturday, September 30th despite the weather, and the Queen of Hearts returned with limits of rockfish along with a few lings.”
The Dungeness crab season opens on November 4th, and the Huli Cat is one of the only boats in the harbor running  for crab/rockfish combination or crab-only trips.

Unpacking Real Costs of California WaterFix
Stockton, CA — Delta tunnels opposition researchers have discovered a draft analysis dated September 15, 2017 of CA WaterFix costs completed by the Kern County Water Agency posted at the Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District.
This recent Kern County analysis provides a comprehensive review of how expensive the Delta tunnels project would be for Kern County farmers, and elucidates more realistic cost numbers for State Water Project Contractors than those touted by Metropolitan Water District. (You can also read the document at Restore the Delta’s website.)
Researchers found that:

• Total WaterFix costs are estimated at $32.1 billion to $41.4 billion over 50 years; however, Kern County Water Agency only looked at interest rates of 3.55% or 3.88%. Higher interest rates would result in significantly higher total costs. These costs do not include potential cost overruns. (Page 72).

• Computations in 2033 dollars show that dividing the maximum capital costs by the average water supply yield results in an estimated cost range of $888 per acre-foot of water to $1427 per acre-foot of water for Kern County Water Agency water users. Using 2017 dollars, the price is discounted to $553 to $889 per acre-foot. (Page 76).

• Kern’s total costs range from $4.9B to $7B, and annual costs range from $153.9M to $247.5M (page 73)

Restore the Delta executive director Barbara Barrigan-Parrilla noted,
“Water this costly would cut deeply into profit margins for smaller farms within the Kern County Water Agency service area, and even the profits of big industrial farms like Stewart Resnick’s Paramount Farms. It is feasible that the real end-goal is for urban ratepayers within the Kern service area and Metropolitan Water District to subsidize the project, or that Kern County Water Agency could resell a portion of water back to Metropolitan Water District to make enough revenue to cover bond repayment.”
Prior to Westlands Water District’s withdrawal from California WaterFix, Kern County Water Agency projected that their cost share would be 24.23% of the State Water Project’s 55% share, or 13.33% of the total costs. (Page 71).
Barrigan-Parrilla added,
“It will be worth noting in the weeks ahead if KWCA will redo the math minus the Central Valley Project contribution of 45% to total costs, or if they will pretend that nothing has changed. It seems unlikely to us that farmers, who are businessmen first, would ignore this significant change in contribution percentages in the same way that Metropolitan Water District staff failed to acknowledge the loss of 45% of total project funding in their workshop to their Board of Directors on September 26, 2017. (All available workshop materials and presentations can be found here.) For farmers, such calculations are necessary to determine their bottom line.”
Prior to Westlands September 19th vote, KCWA estimated their total contribution to fall within a cost range of $4.9 to $7 billion, about double the $4 billion number (in 2017 dollars) that MWD continues to state publicly, even though KCWA would receive about half the amount of water that MWD would receive. (Page 73).
Barrigan-Parrilla concluded,
“WaterFix does not pencil out for agriculture without a huge taxpayer subsidy from the State or Federal Government, and increased contributions from Metropolitan Water District and Silicon Valley water rateypayers.”

Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete said, “It has been really slow out front on Thursday 9-21 as we are waiting for another school to come in. There have been commercial boats doing well at Pedro Point and also in between the buoys, but it has slowed down to a crawl on Thursday for them. I will be out on a bird trip on Thursday, and you can bet that we will be dragging some feathers for albacore. There are two local boats in the harbor that are selling whole albacore that just came down from Fort Bragg. There have been a few bonita caught by those either rockfishing or trolling for salmon, but those trying for them have been unsuccessful. I have a salmon charter on Saturday with an open load rockfish trip on Sunday.”

There is a distinct possibility that the Deep Reef will be off limits for rockfishing next season due to the excessive number of goldeneye rockfish that have been found by the Department of Fish and Wildlife checkers at the launch ramp. There are fishermen who are exceeding the 240-foot depth restriction and leaving floating rockfish all over the surface in addition to bringing the restricted goldeneye rockfish in as part of their limit. It only takes the actions of a few to make everyone else pay the price.


The salmon action remains good over a wide area. On Thursday 8-31 Dennis on the New Captain Pete was trolling off Pedro Point. The bite was a tad slow early and picked up for the morning. They finished the day with 17 salmon to 15 pounds for 12 anglers. Dennis reports the local navy and after work crowd are picking up fish from just outside the jeyy to the buoys. The Golden Gate fleet is findgn good scores also on the Southside, the Channel buoys and Marin coast. Dennis has room next week but if full for the weekend.
Rockfishing is good on the local nearshore reefs with party and private boats sill finding limits.

Salmon fishing slowed down on Sunday due to the weather, but Saturday 8-12 was a solid day off of the San Mateo coast Dennis Baxter on the New Captain Pete says its been
limits on nearly every day for the past two weeks. Dennis says "there are fish from Egg Rock to Mussel rock in 50 to 90 feet. Find the bait and the salmon will find you.
There are also fish holding just outside the harbor that are keeping the kayakers and small boaters happy.

After an amazing run of salmon southwest of the harbor off of the Deep Reef, the salmon schools have moved up off of the Pacifica coastline, and boats from Pillar Point and San Francisco Bay are meeting off of Pedro Point for up to limits of salmon. The Farallons have been outstanding for rockfish and ling cod, and the islands are only an 18 mile run from Pillar Point. The flat calm weather has led to excellent ocean conditions during the past week. On Monday 8-7 Dennis said the bite was "lights out". They had 15 limits of salmon by 10:30 to the mid teens with most running 6 to 10 pounds fishing off Pedro Pt. Dennis has lots of space this week.

On Sunday 8-6, both Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete and Tom Mattusch of the Huli Cat went north to the Pedro Point area for near-limits of salmon with plenty of opportunities for two fish per customer. Baxter said, “We came up a few fish short of 16 limits with 26 salmon working from Egg Rock north to Mussel Rock, and the overall bite was slower today as the salmon have gone deeper with the water temperature rising to 60 degrees. Most of the Bay Area fleet was there with us, and a number of party boats were able to scratch out limits.”
Captain Tom Mattusch returned with 19 salmon on Sunday with a number of missed opportunities.
The warm water has led to private boats running offshore for albacore, and one private boat found a  school of bluefin tuna offshore, but the anglers on the Sea Angel decided to leave them alone since they were in the 12- to 14-pound range.


The salmon bite remains good with party boats venturing up the coast and the "evening crew" picking up some good counts outside the harbor. Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported 30 salmon for 18 anglers with fish to 12 pounds. On Wednesday 8-2 Dennis first ran all the way north to Duxbury where there was a good bite on Tuesday. After boating just a few fish Dennis ran south and dropped in the gear off Thornton beach. It was here where he picked up most of his action and said they lost a bunch or opportunities along the way. Denis has room this week and next. 

The following is from six pack captain Tom Joseph who went scouting for tuna today. Tom is one of the top tuna captains in out local waters and we greatly appreciate his reports and observations.
" Mike, took a friend of mine and we went looking for tuna. We finally got located 16 miles NW of the Guide. 7 albacore and 1 blue fin. Water was 61.5 and blue on blue.
I was using a 4 day old SST and chlorophyll shot. The was no break green water went to blue blue just inside the Guide. We tacked all way out to 03/40 then NW
toward Pioneer. Put 220 miles on round trip long day. Knowing what I know now I would start at the pioneer or Gumdrop I think that's where they are in big numbers."


The hot salmon bite of the past two weeks goes on out of Half Moon Bay with Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete loading up with 16 limits of salmon on Thursday 7-27 by 10:00 a.m. He said, “I have a couple of spots on board for Sunday, and starting on Monday, next week is wide open. The fish are moving closer, only six miles from the harbor.”

Captain Tom Mattusch on the Huli Cat came back with even quicker limits with 21 limits of salmon by 9:20 a.m. on Thursday after posting 23 limits on Wednesday.

Captain Dennis Baxter of the New Captain Pete said, “The salmon bite slowed down on Thursday 7-13, but we ended up with a fish per  rod for 10 anglers fishing 7 miles southwest of the harbor. We picked at them all day, and the action between the Buoys also slowed down. My son, Braden, was out on the Fishing Luhrs last night, and they only picked up a single fish which was a precursor to Thursday’s action. The weather was rough on the south side on Thursday, and after finding rough water at Mussel Rock due to a big southerly wind, the party boats ran down to the Deep Reef. There are plenty of white jelly fish at the Deep Reef. If the fish bite, I will be fishing salmon over the weekend, if not, it will be rockfish.”
 Hot Sheet Subscriber Dmitry Varakuta went out on Thursday with his friend, Valeriy. He said, “We  launched out of Pillar Point Harbor at 6 am and headed north towards yesterday's hotspot. There were a few boats there already and party boats began showing up minutes afterward. We fished Pacifica before Mussel Rock till 10 am. We had 1 bite til that time so we picked up and ran south to below Pedro Point. We hung around there 30-40 mins and began trolling towards the pier again. Around 1130,  we boxed our first fish, a 5-6 pound fish. From then we had about a dozen bites til we left around 2:45. We ended our day with a small keeper king released ,1 coho released, and two 5-6lb fish along with a 20lber. All fish came on anchovies at 30-40 otw. Thank you GGSA for all your time and efforts.”
This writer is sneaking off for our annual family trip to our vacation home on the Kenai peninsula. We will be chasing sockeyes and kings on the local rivers and will be jumping on board with good friend Captain Steve Smith for some halibut, ling and saltwater action. We will be leaving the laptop at home and will return with full reports here on Saturday July 29th.
In the time being please contact our sponsors or visit their websites for current reports, information and bookings.
Until then... good fishing!
Mike Aughney

Captain Dennis on the New Captain Pete reported great action again on Wednesday 7-12. Fishing 7 miles south of the harbor Dennis reported 13 limits of salmon. The fishing was not quite as fast as Tuesday's bite but solid none the less. Funny how quickly we all become spoiled. Dennis says that the fish are stuffed with squid and anchovies. There are schools of fish up and down the coast with private and party boats also scoring off the Deep Reef, Martin Beach, Pedro Pt and up at Mussel rocks. The majority of the fish are hatchery clipped. Thanks to the efforts of the GGSA to advocate for trucking fish during the drought we not only have a season this year it's turning out to be much better than predicted.
Dennis says that the first salmon are starting to show in the harbor as well. Much thanks to the efforts of Coastside for their salmon net pen project which has resulted in good returns to the local waters the past few years.

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