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By Dave Hurley

Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle has begun to answer the phone as ‘Crab Central,’ as most of their calls are regarding the live crab that are sold in the shop since the commercial opener. He said Thursday 11-17, “We pay extra for the jumbos, and most of our crab are large. We sell the jumbos for $16.00/crab, and our phone has just been jumping off of the hook.” Fraser really likes the big minus tides for next week during Thanksgiving Week, and he added, “Sturgeon fishing is highly recommended during this time period.” Loch Lomond has done it again with live ghost shrimp, pile worms, anchovies, and mudsuckers in the shop along with lamprey eel, roe, and frozen herring.

Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle reported Sunday 11-13 that a number of shark and bat rays have moved into San Pablo Bay, but the tiny Dungeness crab seem to be absent which is at least one good sign. A Calico bass, yes the southern California species, was reported to Fraser by a reliable source from the Whaling Station. Global Warming??? Yes
The small striped bass are still around, but they are not as numerous as in the past few months. Bass can be taken on the anchor, drifting, or trolling, but most of the fish are in the 14 to 16-inch range. A 57-inch sturgeon was landed from the shoreline off of China Camp, and Fraser really likes the minus tides over the next few days for sturgeon. They have live anchovies and mudsuckers in the shop with live ghost and pile worms arriving early in the week. There has been a big run on frozen midshipmen due to interest in leopard shark.

Keith Fraser of Loch Lomond Bait and Tackle is looking forward to the good sturgeon tides arriving starting Sunday and getting better and better on Monday 11-14 and Tuesday. He said, “There is enough rain to make a difference, and there are sturgeon jumping all over the bay. Not many people have been fishing the bay with all the crab interest, but this may change soon.” They have live mudsuckers, pile worms, ghost shrimp, and live anchovies for the weekend.

Great News! Water Contractors Pull Their Petition to Destroy Bass and Striper Fishery
If you were prepared to head up to Folsom on Thursday to be present at the Fish and Game Commission meeting regarding the petition for the so-called ‘Coalition for the Sustainable Delta’s’ desire to lower the size limit and raise the bag limit for striped and largemouth bass has been withdrawn by the organization. Thanks to the efforts of Dick Pool and Water4Fish, John Buettler of the Allied Fishing Groups, Sep Hendrickson of the California Sportsman’s Radio Show, Roger Mammon of the California Striped Bass Association, Kent Brown of Ultimate Bass, and so many others in the bass fishing world– the ‘Coalition’ decided it would be better to retreat than to be publicly humiliated by a defeat of their petition. Thanks to everyone who sent letters and signed the petitions as our collective efforts have been heard. Let’s see what their next move is, and it is as important as ever to stay involved since the fight for water will only get harder as our resources continue to become limited.  Thanks everyone!

Allied Fishing Groups: There is no need to go to the The California Fish and Game Commission meeting set for this Thursday (the 25th)!  The Commission has announced the that the Coalition for Sustainable Delta, California Chamber of Commerce, California Farm Bureau Federation, Kern County Water Agency, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Northern California Water Association, San Joaquin Tributaries Authority, Southern California Water Committee, State Water Contractors, and Western Growers have withdrawn their petition number 2016-011 (striped and black bass regulations).

As you may recall from our previous emails on this subject, David Ostrach and I sent in 4 AFG exhibits to the Commission regarding
1) CFGC Code Responsibilities and Public Trust Law requirements to protect and sustainably manage striped bass and black bass in the Bay-Delta estuary.
2) The Petition’s failure to comply with Code requirements to use peer-reviewed science in decision making.
3) SWP and CVP fish loss estimates.
4) the history of efforts to destroy the striped bass fishery. These exhibits are on our web site thanks to Dave Studeman’s efforts to keep everyone informed. 

We’ve been advised that the Commission staff recommended not supporting the CSD’s ( proposed regulation changes. The Commission also received several thousand letter and petitions in opposition. 

John Buettler

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Emeryville Sportfishing Center is booking potluck trips on their fleet of 8 boats +1.510.654.604

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