February 11, 2017    Headlines
 High Flows Push All Rivers to Capacity


Central Valley Rivers Pushing Full Capacity
Saturday February 11th, 6:AM
All Central Valley rivers both large and small are running full tilt. There is little room left as water managers try to get as much water out of reservoirs ahead of another storm forecasted to arrive next Thursday 2-16.

Feather River:
So far it appears that the emergency spillway at Lake Oroville has still not been reached. Lake Oroville is at 100% of capacity. As of 6:AM inflows to lake Oroville are at 98,000 (down from 190,00 on Thursday) with outflows over the main spillway at 55,000CFS. Unless outflows are increased or inflows drop the emergency spillway will begin to flow shortly.
The goal now is to get as much water out of Lake Oroville to make way for the next storm expected on Thursday. So far water managers are reporting that the upper section of the main spillway is holding up. The lower section is eroding away depositing 1000s of tons of dirt into the river below. By spring, this river will be vastly changed. How much depends if flows from Lake Oroville can be managed. With 6 weeks of winter weather still to come we will have to see what Ma Nature throws our way. If we see another major storm or atmospheric river event this winter it could be devastating for community downstream. We are hoping for the best and remind everyone in the area to stay alert and be sure you are hooked up to receive emergency announcements.

American River:
Folsom lake is at 82% of capacity. Inflows are at 70,000CFS down from a whopping 135,000 on Friday. Outflows will remain high as water managers try to make up space for upcoming storms and snowmelt.
Pictured above is the 60 day inflow chart. Note major AR events on December 15, January 10th and February 9th.

Sac River:
With all major and minor tributaries
pushing huge flows into the main stem Sac all the bypasses are open and filling. The Sac at the Fremont weir is flowing at 180,000cfs. 100,000 is being diverted into the bypass with flows at Verona at 80CFS. At H street in downtown Sac the river is at 38 feet just one foot sky of warning stage. With high releases off all dams we expect above average river flows for the next month or more.

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River Levels:

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