September 02, 2018    Headlines

Cal., Pacific Halibut and Rockfish all Biting

The salmon action was good earlier in the week with boats taking limits out in 250 to 275 feet. The majority of the fish are being hooked deep. Gary Blasi has been off the water this week after hitting a submerged log in the bay. He is back up and operational but is taking Saturday 8-26 off due to the expected windy weather.
Matt on the Fishy Business has been reporting great action down at the Cape and solid California halibut action in the bay. He posted up with limits of halibut and black rockfish again on Thursday 8-23. He also ran a tuna trip earlier in the week and had over 50 longfins trolling just 40 miles offshore. The weather this weekend will not allow boats to get safely offshore.
The Pacific halibut season reopens on September 1st. The action so far has been unreal with many sixpacks finding limits during the August 1-15th opener. The season reopens on the 1st and there is roughly 8000 pounds left to the 31,000 sport quota.

It's "game on" out of Eureka for anglers looking for longfins, salmon, pacific halibut or rockfish and lings. On Wednesday 8-15 Matt on the Fishy Business reported wide open albacore action. His group landed roughly 60 albacore before they just ran out of space to put them. They were trolling 35 to 40 miles west of the harbor. Most of the fish were in the 12 to 20 pound class and coming in groups. They had the added bonus of a dorado for the catch of the day. The day before Gary on the Sea Weasel reported 50 albacore landed. On the pacific halibut front sixpacks are also finding easy limits. Both Gary and Matt on Tuesday had limits of pacific halibut to 60 pounds. The pacific halibut season closes on the 16th but reopens September 1st through the quota being filled. On the salmon front there are fish moving through the local waters. The best action has been for boats trolling on the bottom in 220 to 300 feet of water.
The rockfish and ling action remains lights out at the Cape and if the winds do come up a great "Plan D" is California halibut in Humboldt bay.

No matter what species you are looking for you will find it off Eureka RIGHT NOW!. On Friday 8-10 Gary on the Sea Weasel reported not some of the best but "the best" Pacific halibut action he has ever experienced. On their first drift they hooked 3 an landed all of them. They had a double and then another triple on the next two drifts. In 90 minutes time they had hooked 14 and landed 8 keeping 7. They were working the 225 foot depths about 5 miles from the harbor. Just the day before Gary said that the current was running hard and they could not even find the bottom. Switching to salmon they landed easy limits. Gary says the best action has been out in 250 to 300 feet and all the fish are holding tight to the bottom. They were working just two rods off the bottom stops of the downriggers for their 6 limits to 20 pounds.
On Wednesday 8-8 Matt on the Fishy Business reported "the dinosaurs are biting off the Cape. He said they had limits of all huge lings and rockfish and the occasional pacific halibut in the mix. Matt confirms the salmon bite offshore but said with the fish deep they are a bit hared to find every day. Matt has some space open later this month for both salmon and rockfish trips.

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