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Rockfish Limits
Crabbing Still On Hold

Chris Arcoleo of Chris’s Fishing in Monterey reported continued excellent ling cod action with all three boats sporting limits of ling cod on Sunday 11-29.  The Check Mate put in 21 limits of lings on Sunday along with limits of rockfish while the Caroline boated 22 limits of ling and limits with the Star of Monterey returning with 16 limits of lings along with limits of rockfish. Saturday’s ling counts were just as impressive with 30 limits on the Star of Monterey, 27 limits on the Check Mate, and limits of lings on the Caroline.  Arcoleo said, “There are tons of small mackerel the size of a large anchovy in the bay, and the lings and larger rockfish have been swallowing these baits.” They have plenty of room this week, but there is a big swell anticipated to arrive on Thursday.

Santa Cruz Report from Allen Bushnell of the Santa Cruz Sentinel
Todd Fraser from Bayside Marine has been tracking the private boaters that worked the North Coast over the weekend. Fraser says “There were good scores in 30-80 feet of water. The anglers at Davenport caught some nice rockfish and lingcod but the bigger fish were caught at Franklin Point.” Fraser also reported a big halibut from the Franklin Point area, and Ed Burrell at Capitola Boat and Bait weighed in a 24-pound flatty caught in 70 feet of water off Capitola.
With increasing north swell activity, area beaches are starting to show improving structure for perch fishing. Depending on the tide and the day, surfcasters can find limit-style fishing for these feisty little gamefish. Using a Carolina rig (sliding egg sinker) with six to eight-pound leader and a #4 to #8-pound bait hook, the beach anglers are finding success with motor oil grubs, and the GULP Camo Sandworms to fool the perch.
Using bait such as shrimp bits, mussels or clams can also work very well on the same setup. Sandcrabs are top of the list for perching however. Anglers can dig them up by hand, or better yet, use a sandcrab catcher in the receding surf. Next week’s column will take an in-depth look at surfperch tips and techniques, including a “How-To” instruction for building a foolproof sandcrab catcher, courtesy of Mr. Owen Reed, a local Santa Cruz beachfront denizen.
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