www.USAFishing.com has been owned and operated by usafishing team since its inception in 1995.  At that time, the entire site (no small feat in 1995) was created and we were using contacts from 12 full time years of party and commercial boat fishing (mainly out the Golden Gate, California rivers and Alaska) provided daily fishing reports from party boat skippers, river fishing guides, and fishermen, professionals and amateurs alike, with the goal of providing fishermen the most current and relevant fishing information available. USAfishing team's foresight and creative mind foresaw what has become the standard for fishing websites years before most even heard of the "web".

In order to provide accurate and relevant information to their reader's they utilized their relationships with all of the skippers and fishing guides and focused on developing new relationships to ensure he had several reports from every area to provide the honest and objective reports available to his readers.  As readership grew so did the immediate feedback received from fishermen who are our readers, which has ensures our reports are always objective and informative.

The columns and our contributors write will keep you on top of regulations, techniques, weather conditions and issues related to fishing all with the goal of making your fishing experience better in every way now and in the future.

If you have any questions or comments drop us an email. Most important enjoy this site. It's created by fishermen for fishermen.



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