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May 27, 2017    Headlines
Feather River Stripers
Salmon Off the Golden Gate
Bay Butts
USA Fishing Rating system. We always strive to give you the most accurate, up to date reports available.
  1. ***** Excellent Fishing, Little kids and little old ladies whacking quick limits 

  2. **** Great Fishing, limits are the rule

  3. *** Good Fishing, Fish per rod, A few anglers taking limits

  4. ** Fair Fishing, Slow action with a few fish being caught

  5. * Poor Fishing, little or no fish, "Why did I call in sick today?

Fresh Water

Salt Water

Stripers: Delta***
Sturgeon: San Pablo Bay and Delta***

Salmon: Golden Gate***/**** Bodega **, Half Moon Bay ***, Monterey bay *** (hit & miss)
Halibut: South & East Bay **** TONS of shakers
Crabs: Bodega Bay ***
Sturgeon: San Pablo & Suisun bay ***

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