The Northern California Hotsheet

The Hotsheet is a daily fishing news letter covering ALL of Northern California.
Whether if you are stalking steelhead on the north coast rivers, salmon fishing along the coast, trout fishing in the mountains or chasing albacore offshore, the Hotsheet will keep you on top of the action.
The Hotsheet changes daily and the focus of the reports change with the seasons. The Hotsheet arrives directly to your desktop three evenings per week throughout the year.
Every Hotsheet includes a daily round up of the day's hottest fishing opportunities throughout Northern California, a complete weather summary and marine weather forecast for the following day so you can plan your trips with confidence. These reports contain no advertisements, are accurate and full of helpful tips & tactics and gps coordinates. Also included are events, news releases and regulation changes to keep you up to date on issues concerning our fisheries. We also do a spin-off of the Hotsheet called a "Hotflash". These are short updates when there is an exceptionally hot bite and we want to get the word out quickly to our subscribers. It's "Today's Information TODAY", not last week's or last month's information you often find. These reports will not only help you catch more fish but will save you time and money. To subscribe for a FREE week's trial copy simply email us at
[email protected]

To subscribe to the Hotsheet send a check or money order for $42 for one year (or $30 for six months) to the address below. If you wish to order by email or by phone using your credit card we can be reached at [email protected] or at +1.209.610.1600. Please be sure to include your name, email address, phone number. All financial information is secured and we value our customer's privacy and never share any personnel information with anyone.

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