January 20, 2015    Headlines
North Coast River Update

Rivers Dropping Back In!
Rain late last week and over the weekend brought rivers up on the North Coast with little change in flows to those south of the Mendo / Sonoma county line.
The Smith is quickly dropping and came into shape on Monday 1-19.
It is currently flowing at 9.8 feet or down a foot in the past 24 hours. On Tuesday 1-20. Curt at the Hiouchie B&B said there were lots of boats drifting by this morning but overall the action was spotty with his sources reporting counts of under 3 fish per boat. 
Wally Johnson was on the Chetco on Monday 1-20 and said it was still a tad high and colored. He reported one fish hooked and lost for his twosome. He said that was the story for most guides on the river with a top score of three landed for one other guide but most struggling to get more than an opportunity or three. He has not received any guide reports from Smith which has seen less than stellar action all this season. 
The South Fork Eel at Miranda is at 9.4 feet here on Tuesday 1-20. The river needs to drop another 14 -18" before it comes into play. So far this year the South Fork has been a top producer and one that I would advise anglers to keep an eye on.
Over on the Mad river flows have dropped to 1250cfs or about 7.8 feet. Gary Blasi at Mad River Tackle reports that the hatchery run is in and the fishing is great. He says that most anglers "in the know" are seeing easy limits of dime bright 6 to 10 + pound fish.  Most anglers are beading right now with the muddy flows but with a dry weather forecast this coming week roe will be the way to go by the weekend.
Wally Johnson was on his home waters of the upper Klamath on Saturday 1-18 and reported great action. His twosome hooked 8 adults landing 5 to 6 pounds and he said they lost count on the smaller half pounders at 15+. They were drifting roe in the Seiad Valley. Wally says the numbers of fish in the upper Klamath and warm water temps have the fish on the bite and this is a top bet.

Both Tony and Wally have dates open for North Coast steelie trips. 

North Coast River Wrap
All North Coast rivers are in and fishing a couple much better than others. Rain is needed to color the flows on most and so far the first BIG push of steelies has not been seen.
The Smith is running at 7.5 feet on Tuesday 1-6 and is very clear. It has been giving up a few big adults this past week but with flows this low and gin clear rain is needed.
Two of our sponsors Tony Sepulveda and Dave Jacobs have been bouncing all over the North Coast and both report the best action they have found this past few days has been on the South Fork Eel. The Eel is fishing from Leggett to the Forks and down into the main stem. Both Tony and Dave report the best counts are currently on the South Fork. Tony reports they are getting 3 to 7 bites and half or better that number to the boat. The main stem is giving up some fish but Tony says the best bet for now is the South Fork despite the dropping flows.
Dave started the week up north on the Smith and Chetco and says the Chetco has a bit better numbers but a lot more pressure and the Elk and Sixes are slow and gave up just a few fish. Fishing the Main stem Eel Dave said he saw Ok action but like Tony says the best numbers they found so far have been on the South Fork with 2 to 4 fish released of dime bright big native adults to the mid teens.
Tony is taking a few days off to give seminars at the ISE show in Sacramento this week. Dave will be prowling the North Coast and will be sharing reports later this week.
We are working on a Russian report and should here is from Hunt Conrad later this week.

River Levels:


For river status (low flow closure) updates from Fish and Game please call +1.707.442.4502 for the North coast and +1.707.944.5533 for Central coast streams. Be sure to check out the California Fish and Game regulations before you go. Regulations vary on every river and you need to pay attention to bait and hook restrictions. Due to winter closures on HWYs 5, 101 & 299 we recommend you check Caltrans road conditions as well.

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